29 April 2009


By : Saevul Amri

Climate change is being occur in this world. There are many way to reduce negative impact of climate change. Such plant as the biggest greenhouse gas sequestration, but illegal logging is one of the main crime in many countries. The crime has been doing in all the forest type, include mangrove. Mangrove can be used to alternative solution to address climate change for the lower coastal area in Archipelago countries and other countries whose a coastal line. The real action that we have to do is mangrove reforestation. For the sustainable program, we need real evident and advantage from mangrove to the local society.

The solution that I order is silvofishery, that is a model to evolve the ecofriendly dike which combine between plant (sylvo) and fishery. This program can be applicated as empang parit system and empang inti system. Empang parit system represented by mangrove forest in the centre and arounded by dike. Empang inti system is opposite of the empang parit one. Silvofishery system give huge advantage such us dike construction will be steady because any mangrove roots and the quality of water dike will be better because the root function to screen waste doing perfectly. This system also help the organic material decompotition because any microbia on the floor mangrove (debris) and the fallen leaves whose alelopaty can decrease fish patogent. Instead of that, silvofishery system can avoid sea water intrution, it is can be as greenbelt in the seashore, and of course support mitigation program for the climate change because mangrove can be carbondioxide sequestration from atmosphere. So that, local society will participate actively to maintain mangrove forest and also do the mitigation of climate change.

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